Woodson High Workshop and Panel
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Woodson High Workshop and Panel

Three women from DC Web Women (Ashley Holtz, Joni Halabi, and Amie Seisay) lead an HTML/CSS workshop teaching Woodson High School girls how to develop websites. On the following day, a panel discussion on careers and academics in technology consisted of moderator Emilia Cabrera with panelists: Joni Halabi, Jessiah Campbell, Shahnaz Kamberi, Zorina Alliata (DC Web Women members), Nicole Patton (Capitol Technology University Alumni Council), and Amie Seisay (both DC Web Women and Capitol’s Alumni Council member). These events were to encourage and motivate girls to be inspired by a career in the technology industry. We were pleasantly surprised by a few boys and a male teacher who decided to drop into the sessions, who were very supportive of the girls! Special thanks to Dan Tra for being so supportive of girls getting into the Computer Science program at Woodson and Emilia Cabrera, Founder and President of the IT Girls club at Woodson for organizing the events.