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Seisay IT Solutions sees Office365 as a powerful platform to meet the requirements of enterprises regardless of their scale and industry.  We offer solutions to create your collaborative environment, including consulting services, technology assessments, project planning, infrastructure deployment, maintenance and development using Microsoft products which include a focus in SharePoint on premise, SharePoint Online, PowerApps, and Flow in Office 365.


In an industry where as many as 50% of projects fail, you can rest easy knowing that Seisay IT Solutions pride ourselves in delivering an excellent customer satisfaction experience. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 company metric. Whether you want to intensify cross-departmental communication or consolidate distributed offices, we will help you to make the technology a collaboration engine that drives your teams, encourages employees’ independent input, enhances their confidence and engagement which ensures their better performance and thus contributes to your company’s bottom line. We have had a lot of success bringing our lessons learned methodology to customers to help guide the customer through the process of being successful with Microsoft technologies.  Drive your business with fine-tailored solutions.

Process-Focused Integration


The integration of Office 365 with your enterprise solutions is what allows the ability to support effective enterprise collaboration which ensures the continuity of business processes and guarantees their accomplishment.


Office 365 is integrated with enterprise systems and becomes an all-purpose tool that serves as:

A unified communication platform for employees to stay in touch permanently

A secure storage to keep all the documents safe

A centralized source of information to ensure a uniform vision of business processes

Clockwork Workflows


SharePoint and Flow are tools that easily turns business processes into effective workflows. Our Consultants can assist you at any stage of workflow automation by developing a workflow from scratch or assessing the existing workflow logic in order to adjust it to new business needs and to bring your business strategy to life (step by step).


We handle diverse types of workflows using both out-of-the-box and custom capabilities:

State machine/sequential workflows

Site/list workflows

Reusable/non-reusable workflows

Custom event triggers and notifications

Consolidated Knowledge


From a newly-born idea to a well-grounded concept, from a transient thought to a real project, we are able to transform raw knowledge into a company’s most valuable asset. SharePoint and PowerApps implementation will allow you to switch from plain record keeping to real knowledge management, in order to create, leverage and expand knowledge assets, as well as, to facilitate decision-making and refine teams’ competences.



Sustained Innovations


Adjusting Office 365 as your innovation management tool, we will show you how the platform manages such specific processes as research, idea generation, screening and nurturing. Office 365 will provide your innovation team with familiar and user-friendly tools in order to manage the entire innovation cycle, increase the visibility of ideas and align innovations with your business strategy.