Training Services
We provide training sessions to support your company's governance, user adoption, and support strategies for Office365 Apps: SharePoint, Flow, PowerApps, and Teams.
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We can provide training sessions to help improvise your overall content management approach, company efficiency, business process re-engineering and optimization, Office 365 or SharePoint integration or implementation, document organization, data reporting, business intelligence solutions, asset management, and much more.


Instructor Led with Hands-On Activities

Quick Reference Cards

Customized Workshops

Knowledge Transfer through Interactive Games

Training Modules

SharePoint Training

Sites/Site Collections

  • Site Hierarchy
  • Planning and Governance
  • Roles and Responsibilities


Site Columns

  • Reusable Columns Across Lists and Libraries


Recycle Bin

  • First and Second Stage Responsibilities


User Alerts

  • Managing User Alerts at the Site Level


Term Store Management

  • Term Sets Based on Organizational Structure
  • Roles for Owners
  • Open/Closed Policies


Site Closure/Deletion

  • Site Policies


Site Enhancements

  • Site Home Page
  • Site Title, Logo, URLs
  • Branding/Look and Feel

Management Features

  • Content Approval
  • Document Versioning
  • Checking Documents In and Out
  • Ownership of Documents


Content Types

  • Document Properties
  • Document Templates


Managed Metadata

  • Tagging Documents
  • Best Practices for Term Sets


Content Organizer

  • Drop Off Library
  • Metadata Based Rules


Lookups Columns

  • Scenarios for List Relationships
  • Cascade and Restriction Options


List/Library Templates

  • Reusability Options


List/Library Validation

  • Scenarios for Form Validation
  • Formula Syntax



  • Scenarios for Gauging Effective Content
  • Likes/Five Star



  • Scenarios for Business Calendar Use
  • Overlaying Calendars


Best Practices: Naming Conventions and Long-Term Planning

  • Naming Content Effectively
  • Considerations for Capacity Planning

Web Part settings

  • Search Box
  • Chrome Type
  • Target Audience


Chrome Type

  • Styling Options


Refreshing List View Data

  • Best Practices for Editing Views
  • Displaying Updated Settings


Linking Web Parts

  • Master/Details Scenarios


Data Rollup

  • Content Query
  • Content Search

SharePoint Out of the Box

  • Approval, Collect Feedback, etc.


SharePoint Designer

  • Site, Reusable, and List
  • Actions, Conditions, Stages, etc.


Best Practices for List Design

  • Logging Tasks and History


Microsoft Flow

  • Approval
  • Templates and Connectors
  • Blank Starting Point – Triggers, Actions, Steps, Conditions

Users in the Organization

  • Best Practices
  • Groups
  • Considerations – Active Directory
  • Granting Users Access
  • External Sharing in Office365



  • Inheritance Structure – sites, library/lists, document/list item
  • Considerations and Planning for Breaking Inheritance
  • Re-establishing Inheritance


Group Settings

  • Group Owner Responsibilities
  • Membership Responsibilities


Access Requests

  • Users Who Will Grant Access Requests
  • Available Settings for Allowing/Dis-Allowing Access Requests

Planning the Search Experience

  • Considerations for Crawl Schedules


Refinement Panel

  • Configuration


Managed/Crawled Properties

  • Mapping Properties
  • Refinement Panel


Custom Search Results

  • Content Search Web Parts
  • Display Templates


Web Analytics – Popularity Trends

  • Site and List/Library Options


Content Sources

  • Local Content
  • People


List/Library Settings

  • Restricting Items from Results
  • Re-indexing of Content

Office App Integration

  • Connecting Data to Outlook
  • Managing Documents in Word
  • Saving Documents Directly from Office into SharePoint


Office 365 App Integration

  • Syncing Data Offline with OneDrive
  • Customize SharePoint Lists with PowerApps Forms

PowerApps Training

Business Cases for PowerApps


Development Tools for Building Apps


Office365 License Requirements


Exploring PowerApps Studio


Power Platform Integration

Foundation Built on Excel




Conditional (If and Switch) Statements

Connectors Included in Standard PowerApps


Premium Connectors


Overview of Custom Connectors


On-Premises Data Gateways


Common Data Services



Model Driven


SharePoint Customized Form

Build a Canvas App (Controls, Galleries, Forms v. Patch)


Using Media in your App


Customize SharePoint Forms

Analytics Dashboards



Building Enterprise / Production Ready Applications


Who Owns Governance? Business or IT?

White Papers


Online Resources


Community Forums

Flow Training

Office365 License Requirements


My Flow versus Team Flow


Permissions for Flow


Getting started: Blank versus Template


Importing a Flow

Common Data Service


SharePoint Sites



Popular Connectors


On-premise versus O365 Gateway


SharePoint Capabilities


Trigger on Schedule


Trigger Manually


Trigger from a Physical Button

Connector Actions


Start Approval


Testing the Flow

Add Conditional Logic


Add Actions Based on Conditions


Basic and Advanced Expressions

Email Connector Options


Message Card Format


Customizing and Branding

Installation of Flow Mobile App


Administration Capabilities


Trigger Workflows


Create and Share Buttons

Office365 Training

Azure Active Directory – Authentication


On-Premise Synchronization


External Users


Roles (User, Custom, Tenant Admins)

(Top Level) Product Licenses, Billing, Users, Service Health (SLAs), Software (Office)


SharePoint – Site Collections, Storage


OneDrive – Sharing, Storage


Various Apps

Office365 Admin


SharePoint Mobile


SharePoint Store (Apps in SP Sites)

Tenant Admin Requirements


Office365 Specific Commands





Mail Filtering


Governance (Retention)

Migrating Mailboxes


Retention Policies


Mobile/Browser Options


Records Management

External Sharing with Users


Site Collections


Coauthoring (Real Time Editing/Updating of Documents in Browser)


Classic and New Document/List Experience (Control in Admin Center)
















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