Flow Training
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  • Flow Training

Our training courses are designed specifically for each client’s business needs.  The outlines below can be selected as is or tailored to include desired modules.  If there are any specific modules not listed here, but desired, we are glad to review and accommodate appropriately.

Office365 License Requirements


My Flow versus Team Flow


Permissions for Flow


Getting started: Blank versus Template


Importing a Flow

Common Data Service


SharePoint Sites



Popular Connectors


On-premise versus O365 Gateway


SharePoint Capabilities


Trigger on Schedule


Trigger Manually


Trigger from a Physical Button

Connector Actions


Start Approval


Testing the Flow

Add Conditional Logic


Add Actions Based on Conditions


Basic and Advanced Expressions

Email Connector Options


Message Card Format


Customizing and Branding

Installation of Flow Mobile App


Administration Capabilities


Trigger Workflows


Create and Share Buttons